1923 Zoning Maps

Seattle's first zoning ordinance was passed in 1923, and, with many amendments, was the basis of land use regulation in the city until 1957. The maps made available here are the versions published with the zoning code in 1923, which are as adopted by ordinance 45382 (the original zoning ordinance) as amended and corrected by ordinances 45603 and 45764. The index map shows the coverage of each map. In this code, two maps represent each area: one shows height and lot coverage restrictions and the other shows permitted uses.

1923 Zoning Index Map         List of 1923 Zoning Maps

1947 Zoning Maps

The 1947 zoning maps show zoning in Seattle as of August 1, 1947. The maps in this online collection are from a version of the Zoning Ordinance published by the Planning Commission in 1947. The index map shows the location of each of the 90 maps.

1947 Zoning Index Map         List of 1947 Zoning Maps

1973 Zoning Maps

The 1973 zoning maps provided here are from the Seattle Municipal Code first published by Book Publishing Company in 1958. The 206 maps made available here reflect ordinance 86300, which adopted a new land use code in 1957, as amended to April 27, 1973 (ordinance 102076). Most areas on the index map are shown on two maps, typically titled W and E. For example, area 23 appears on maps 23W (western half) and 23E (eastern half.) Note: maps 30E and 31W are missing from this collection. Current zoning maps are on file in the Seattle City Clerk's Office

1973 Zoning Index Map         List of 1973 Zoning Maps

Zoning changes in between these dates can be established by looking at zoning ordinances on file in the Seattle City Clerk's Office.

None of the maps presented here should be relied upon as a guide to current zoning. Current zoning maps are on file in the Seattle City Clerk's Office, and are available in electronic form as part of the Seattle Municipal Code.

Current zoning maps

Development of the historical map index through which these maps are made available was assisted by funding from the Cultural Development Authority of King County Hotel/Motel Tax Revenue Fund.

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