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This catalog contains detailed information on about 13,500 documents assembled by the staff of the Seattle City Council WTO Accountability Review Committee concerning the World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference in Seattle in November and December,1999. The documents themselves are not available online, but are available in the Seattle City Clerk's Office, filed as Clerk File 304446. This collection is described as record series 1802-K1 in the Municipal Archives Guide.

Additional materials relating to WTO can be found in Councilmember Jim Comptonís Subject Files (record series 4620-02), Councilmember Peter Steinbrueckís Subject Files (record series 4684-02), Councilmember Nick Licataís Subject Files (record series 4650-02), Legislative Departmentís Central Staff Analystís Working Papers (record series 4603-01) and in Mayor Schellís WTO-related records (record series 5279-05, 5279-06, 5279-08, and 5279-09). Audio materials from 1802-K1 and other sources are cataloged in the Audio Collection.

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