Learn about the recent changes to this site

What:  Design and search interface updates to clerk.seattle.gov.

When:  Completed in November 2018.

Why:  To reflect the updated design of seattle.gov, and to make the searching experience more flexible and easier to understand.

What's new:

  • Quick access to search of the combined legislative databases
  • Quick-pick lists of document types we're frequently asked for
  • Easy, customizable date-range searching
  • Ability to do advanced searching without advanced knowledge of database syntax
  • Simpler, more legible links to database items
  • Ability to export search results to a spreadsheet

What's the same:  The underlying databases and all their content.

We’re excited about the changes, and hope you’ll find them to be an improvement. Please drop us a line at CityClerk@seattle.gov to let us know how we did.