Comptroller/Clerk Files Index


This database contains basic information about documents that have been filed with the Office of the City Clerk since 1891 and added as numbered entries to the Clerk File (known as the Comptroller File until 1992). Some are items that have been acted on by the Seattle City Council; others were filed due to legal requirements or City business practices. New items are added within a month of Council action; items under consideration by Council are available in our Legislative Information Center.

Types of documents in this collection include:

  • Reports
  • Appointments to City boards and commissions (before 2015)
  • Appointments of City officials
  • Rules
  • Agreements (interlocal and interdepartmental)
  • Initiatives, referenda, charter amendment proposals
  • Department responses to Statements of Legislative Intent

Records for select document types include full text (plain text). Scans of earlier items have been posted if we have them; if they are not posted, the documents can be reviewed on microfiche in our research room or scanned on request (copy fees may apply).

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