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WA-0104   Social institutions

WB-0103    Governmental institutions

WE-0102      Law
WE-0205        Civil law
WE-0255          Antitrust litigation
WE-0308          Property law
WE-0401            Easements
WE-0504            Plats
WE-0607            Right-of-way
WE-0700            Mineral rights
WE-0803            Water rights
WE-0906            Deeds
WE-1006            Leases
WE-1109            Claims
WE-1202          Copyright
WE-1305        Criminal law
WE-1408        Municipal Code
WE-1501        Legal assistance
WE-1604        Probate law

WH-0101      Public administration
WH-0204        Administrative law
WH-0307          Administrative procedures
WH-0400        Governmental reorganization
WH-0503        Government organizations
WH-0606          Local government
WH-0709            Special districts
WH-0750              Business Improvement areas
WH-0802              Drainage districts
WH-0905              Fire districts
WH-1005              Local improvement districts
WH-1055              Public utility districts
WH-1108              Road districts
WH-1201              Road improvement districts
WH-1304              School districts
WH-1334                School District #1
WH-1407              Sewer districts
WH-1457                Lake City Sewer District
WH-1500              Water districts
WH-1600            King County
WH-1610              King County Assessor
WH-1615              King County Commissioners
WH-1620              King County Courthouse
WH-1625              King County Council
WH-1630              King County Executive
WH-1660              King County Public Defense Office
WH-1670              King County Treasurer
WH-1706            Metro
WH-1750            Public corporations
WH-1809            Port of Seattle
WH-1850            Seattle Housing Authority
WH-1902            City governments
WH-1904              Tacoma
WH-1905              King County cities
WH-1908                Auburn
WH-1910                Bellevue
WH-1912                Black Diamond
WH-1914                Bothell
WH-1915                Burien
WH-1918                Carnation
WH-1921                Des Moines
WH-1924                Duvall
WH-1927                Enumclaw
WH-1930                Federal Way
WH-1933                Highlands
WH-1935                Hunt's Point
WH-1938                Issaquah
WH-1941                Kent
WH-1943                Kirkland
WH-1946                Lake Forest Park
WH-1949                Maple Valley
WH-1951                Medina
WH-1953                Mercer Island
WH-1955                Newcastle
WH-1956                Normandy Park
WH-1958                North Bend
WH-1961                Pacific
WH-1964                Redmond
WH-1967                Renton
WH-1970                Richmond Beach
WH-1972                Richmond Highlands
WH-1975                Sea-Tac
WH-1977                Shoreline
WH-1978                Skykomish
WH-1981                Snoqualmie
WH-1984                Tukwila
WH-1985                White Center
WH-1987                Woodinville
WH-1990                Yarrow Point
WH-2005            Counties
WH-2108              Kittitas County
WH-2201              Pierce County
WH-2251              Skagit County
WH-2304              Snohomish County
WH-2350            Regional Transit Authority
WH-2407            Regional councils of government
WH-2500              PSCOG
WH-2550              Puget Sound Regional Council
WH-2603          Washington State
WH-2607            Commissioner of Public Lands
WH-2610            Convention Center
WH-2615            Department of Natural Resources
WH-2620            Department of Social and Health Services
WH-2623            Department of Transportation (Wash. State)
WH-2625            Department of Ecology
WH-2630            Game Commission
WH-2635            Highway Department
WH-2640            National Guard
WH-2650            State legislation
WH-2655              GMA
WH-2660              SEPA
WH-3407          Washington Territory
WH-3500          U.S. Government
WH-3503            Agriculture Department
WH-3505            Bonneville Power Administration
WH-3510            Coast Guard
WH-3515            Commerce Department
WH-3520            Department of Housing and Urban Development
WH-3525            Education Department
WH-3527            Energy Department
WH-3530            Environmental Protection Agency
WH-3540            Federal Emergency Administration
WH-3545            Federal Housing Authority
WH-3545            Federal Power Commission
WH-3603            Federal Reserve Bank
WH-3615            Forest Service
WH-3630            Interior Department
WH-3640            Labor Department
WH-3706            U.S. Military
WH-3809              Army
WH-3902              Navy
WH-4005              Military installations
WH-4015                Fort Lawton
WH-4025                Sand Point Naval Air Station
WH-4108              Nuclear weapons
WH-4120            Urban Mass Transportation Administration
WH-4151            WPA
WH-4170          Canada
WH-4175            British Columbia
WH-4201        Finance
WH-4230          Accounting
WH-4235            SFMS
WH-4304          Appropriation
WH-4350          Audits
WH-4407          Budget
WH-4417            Capital improvement program
WH-4430          Funds
WH-4431            Arterial City Street Fund
WH-4433            City Property Assessment Redemption Fund
WH-4435            City Railway Fund
WH-4440            City Street Fund
WH-4445            Contingent Funds
WH-4450            Cumulative Reserve Fund
WH-4455            Emergency Fund
WH-4460            Engineering Operating Fund
WH-4465            General Bonds Sinking Fund
WH-4470            General Fund
WH-4473            Judgements and Claims Fund
WH-4475            Light Bonds Sinking Fund
WH-4480            Light Fund
WH-4483            Neighborhood Matching Fund
WH-4485            Seattle Park Bonds-1948 Fund
WH-4490            Sewer Funds
WH-4493            Transportation Fund
WH-4495            Water Bonds Sinking Fund
WH-4497            Water Fund
WH-4500          Grants
WH-4603          Bonds
WH-4651          Insurance
WH-4661          Interest
WH-4706          Investments
WH-4750          Loans
WH-4809          Revenue sharing
WH-4902          Fees
WH-5002          Taxes
WH-5022            Admission tax
WH-5032            Business and occupation tax
WH-5105            Property taxes
WH-5208              Assessment
WH-5301              Tax deferral
WH-5404              Tax delinquent property
WH-5440            Real estate excise tax
WH-5507            Sales taxes
WH-5550            Utility taxes
WH-5600            Tax reform
WH-5703        Intergovernmental relations
WH-5806          Interlocal agreements
WH-5909          Shared fund revenue
WH-6009          Grants
WH-6102          Sister cities
WH-6205        Personnel administration
WH-6308          Civil service

WK-0100        Public powers
WK-0150          City Charter
WK-0201          Legislative powers
WK-0304            Abolishing
WK-0407            Amendment
WK-0500            Appointment
WK-0603            Creation
WK-0706            Establishing
WK-0756            Gifts to the City
WK-0809            Improvement
WK-0902            Naming
WK-1002            Repealing
WK-1105            Transferring funds
WK-1150            Stating policy
WK-1208            Removal from office
WK-1301            Nuisance abatement
WK-1404            Redistricting
WK-1507            Expressing appreciation
WK-1600            Expressing sympathy
WK-1703            Sales
WK-1806            Cancelling
WK-1909            Closing
WK-2009            Land acquisition
WK-2102            Condemnation
WK-2205            Vacation
WK-2308          Law enforcement
WK-2401            Rewards
WK-2504          Franchises
WK-2556          Permits
WK-2607          Licenses
WK-2700            Vehicle registration
WK-2803          Surveys

WM-0109        Public regulations
WM-0202          Alcoholic beverage control
WM-0305          Animal control
WM-0408          Consumer protection
WM-0415          Price regulation
WM-0420          Daylight saving time
WM-0430          Street use permits
WM-0440          Weights and measures
WM-0501          Traffic regulation
WM-0521            Speed limits
WM-0604          Land use regulations
WM-0707            Land use permits
WM-0750              Master use permits
WM-0800            Land use code
WM-0890          Design review
WM-0903          Building codes
WM-0913            Electrical codes
WM-0923            Energy codes
WM-0933            Heating codes
WM-0943            Mechanical codes
WM-0953            Plumbing codes
WM-1003            Building permits
WM-1106            Building inspection
WM-1209              Code enforcement

WP-0108        Public services
WP-0201          Emergency services
WP-0304            Civil defense
WP-0407          Fire protection
WP-0430            Fire apparatus
WP-0433              Fireboats
WP-0450            Fire hydrants
WP-0500            Fire prevention
WP-0530              Fire codes
WP-0550              Hazardous materials
WP-0603            Fire stations
WP-0706            Fires
WP-0809          Police
WP-0902          Public buildings
WP-1002            Community centers
WP-1105          Solid waste disposal
WP-1208          Sewage disposal
WP-1300          Utility rates

WT-0107        Judiciary
WT-0200          Court administration
WT-0303          Grand juries
WT-0406          Petit juries
WT-0509        Legislative bodies
WT-0602          Legislative rules

XA-0106    Economic institutions

XD-0105      Management
XD-0208        Management tools and techniques
XD-0301          Accounting
XD-0351          Audits
XD-0375          Program evaluation
XD-0404          Computer systems
XD-0507            Computer hardware
XD-0600            Computer software
XD-0703              Computer graphics
XD-0806              Computer program documentation
XD-0909            Databases
XD-1009            Electronic data interchange
XD-1102          Office equipment
XD-1205          Budget
XD-1308          Contracts
XD-1318            Consultant contracts
XD-1401          Public relations
XD-1504          Purchasing
XD-1607          Records management
XD-1700          Technology standards
XD-1803          Systems analysis

XG-0104      Business organization
XG-0207        Non-profit organizations
XG-0300        Cooperatives
XG-0403        Corporations
XG-0506        Minority enterprises
XG-0609        Monopolies
XG-0702        Small businesses

XJ-0103      Business enterprises
XJ-0206        Agriculture
XJ-0309          Horticulture
XJ-0402          Crops
XJ-0505          Beekeeping
XJ-0608          Dairy farming
XJ-0701            Milk
XJ-0804          Livestock production
XJ-0844          P-patch program
XJ-0907          Truck farming
XJ-1007          Weeds
XJ-1100        Domestic animals
XJ-1200        Maritime industry
XJ-1203        Fishing
XJ-1306        Food processing industry
XJ-1336          Packing houses
XJ-1409        Trapping
XJ-1502        Wood products industry
XJ-1605        Construction industry
XJ-1708        Mining
XJ-1801        Oil and gas industry
XJ-1904        Financial institutions
XJ-2004          Insurance companies
XJ-2107          Banks and lending institutions
XJ-2200          Investments
XJ-2303            Bonds
XJ-2406        Manufacturing
XJ-2416          Boeing Co.
XJ-2486          Weyerhauser Co.
XJ-2509        Public utilities
XJ-2511            Independent Telephone Co.
XJ-2514            Pacific Northwest Bell
XJ-2517            Pacific Tel & Tel
XJ-2525            Puget Sound Power & Light
XJ-2526            Puget Sound Energy
XJ-2530            Seattle Lighting Co.
XJ-2550            Washington Natural Gas
XJ-2602        Real estate business
XJ-2705        Retail trade
XJ-2808          Tobacco sales
XJ-2901          Liquor sales
XJ-3001          Drug sales
XJ-3104          Eating and drinking places
XJ-3124          Meat sales
XJ-3140          Public markets
XJ-3144            Pike Place Market
XJ-3207          Retail stores
XJ-3300          Secondhand dealers
XJ-3330            Pawnbrokers
XJ-3350          Street vending
XJ-3360          Closing out sales
XJ-3403        Shopping centers
XJ-3443          Westlake Mall
XJ-3506        Wholesale trade
XJ-3609        Entertainment industry
XJ-3702          Motion pictures
XJ-3742          Cabarets
XJ-3805          Adult entertainment
XJ-3908          Pool halls
XJ-4008          Gambling
XJ-4101        Service businesses
XJ-4111          Advertising
XJ-4121          Collection agencies
XJ-4131          Detective agencies
XJ-4141          Employment agencies
XJ-4171          Undertakers
XJ-4204        Transportation industry
XJ-4212          Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Co.
XJ-4214          Burlington Northern, Inc.
XJ-4216          BNSF
XJ-4224          Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad
XJ-4254          Union Pacific Railroad Co.

XN-0102    Education
XN-0205      Headstart program
XN-0308      Job training
XN-0318        CETA
XN-0338        King-Snohomish Manpower Consortium
XN-0401      Vocational education
XN-0504      Schools
XN-0604      Colleges
XN-0624        Seattle Pacific University
XN-0634        Seattle University
XN-0644        University of Washington
XN-0650      Community colleges
XN-0655      Seattle Community College

XP-0101    Family
XP-0204      Adoption
XP-0400      Family planning
XP-0503      Family problems
XP-0606        Child abuse
XP-0709        Domestic violence
XP-0802      Family services
XP-0905        Child care
XP-1005      Marriage
XP-1108      Single parent families

XT-0100    Religious institutions
XT-0203      Religious education
XT-0306      Religious structures

XT-0409    Associations
XT-0502      Business associations
XT-0552        Seattle Chamber of Commerce
XT-0605      Philanthropic organizations
XT-0708      Civic organizations
XT-0801      Charitable organizations
XT-0904      Charitable contributions
XT-1004      Community associations
XT-1107      Fraternal and service organizations
XT-1200      Professional associations
XT-1303      Historical societies
XT-1406      Social welfare organizations
XT-1509      Youth organizations and clubs
XT-1602      Associations of public officials

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