Seattle City Council Budget Database Fields

The below fields exist in the Budget Documents Database. Not all fields are used for all types of documents. Use the search tips and the budget resources linked to in the right panel, or contact the Clerk's Office for help with your search.

	CREF 	Council Reference Number
	TABN	Budget Tab Number

	ACTN	Action ID

	OPT	Budget Option

	VERS	Version

	TI	Title

	TYPE	Document Type

 	STAT	Publication Status

	APRS 	Approval Status

	DNAM 	Source Document File Name

	 CB	Council Bill

	 CIP	Has CIP?

	PROV	Has Provisos?

        RESC	Rescinded/Other?

	CMS	Councilmember Names (Sponsors)

	STAF 	Staff Names
	COMM	Responsible Committee

        DEPT	Department 
		(Applies to documents 
		sponsored by one department.)

       	BCLR	BCLRS

	AGND	Agenda Dates

	VIDL	Link to Video

        DATC 	Database Record Creation Date

	DATM  	Database Record Modification Date

        SCAN	Link to scan of document
	 TX	Display Text

	SRTX	Non-printing text field
 	ATCH	Links to attached files

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