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Seattle City Council Resolutions

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Resolution 31588


A RESOLUTION supporting Executive Order 2015-02: Workforce Equity Initiative, which addresses gender and race/ethnic wage equity for City employees; and requesting the development of metrics and reporting processes to track the achievement of objectives listed in the Executive Order.

Description and Background

Current Status:Adopted
Fiscal Note:Fiscal Note to Resolution 31588
References:Clerk File 319861

Legislative History

Sponsor:Jean Godden
Date Introduced:May 26, 2015
Committee Referral:Parks, Seattle Center, Libraries, and Gender Pay Equity
Committee Action Date:July 7, 2015
Committee Recommendation:Adopt
Committee Vote:3 (Godden, Harrell, Rasmussen) - 0
City Council Action Date:July 13, 2015
City Council Action:Adopted
City Council Vote:9-0
Date Delivered to Mayor:July 17, 2015
Date Signed by Mayor:
(About the signature date)
July 17, 2015
Date Filed with Clerk:July 17, 2015
Signed Copy:PDF scan of Resolution No. 31588



Att A: Executive Order 2015-02: Workforce Equity Initiative