Budget Document Search Help


This search tool provides access to the City Council budget documents produced from 2009 through the current year. See the City Council's Budget Page for more information on the Council's role in the City budget process.

To start your search, enter your search terms in the space provided and click the Search button. A list of matching documents will display. To display a document from the list in the right-hand pane, click on the link in the list. After you have opened a document you can use the Next Hit and Prev Hit buttons on the button bar to navigate to the next appearance of your search term.

Click here for a glossary of common budget terms

Types of Searches

Department: To search for documents for a specific department use the department name or acronym. For example "City Light" or SCL, "Public Utilities" or SPU. A full list of acronyms can be found here.

Document Type: To search for specific types of documents pick from the following list. A glossary of budget terms is located here

"green sheet"

"statement of legislative intent"

"budget guidance statement"

"issue identification"

"department presentation"

Sample Searches

The following are common searches displayed in the appropriate format. You can copy and paste these. Modify to suit your specific needs.

"City Light" green sheet

SCL department presentation

"statement of legislative intent" SPU

SPD "issue identification"

"issue identification"

"department presentation"

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