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A RESOLUTION relating to the State Route 520, Interstate 5 to Medina Bridge Replacement and High Occupancy Vehicle Project; recognizing the completion of a technical report on the conditions under which the Washington State Department of Transportation should consider building a second bascule bridge over the Montlake Cut, and making recommendations on actions to be taken by the State and the City based on the findings of the report.


Summary of the Legislation:


This resolution summarizes the main findings of a technical report on the establishment of triggers for considering a second bridge over the Montlake Cut and states the Councilís view on the implications of these findings. It asks the Seattle Department of Transportation to work with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to monitor transportation performance for pedestrians, bicyclists and transit, and for mainline State Route 520 operations. It recommends to WSDOT and the State Legislature that a second bridge not be constructed within the foreseeable future.



Background: †


This resolution follows a long series of regional discussions about the overall State Route 520 bridge replacement project and its associated improvements in the vicinity of the Montlake Bridge. In 2010 the Council stated its reservations about the potential construction of a second bridge and asked the State to phase this decision. Ordinance 123733 authorized a memorandum of understanding between the City and the State called for a joint decision making process on the second bridge, and the City and the State accordingly convened a working group to study the present and expected future performance of the transportation system in the vicinity of the bridge and to identify triggers for analyzing the need to build a second bridge. The working group produced the report that is the subject of this resolution.


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__x__This legislation does not have any financial implications.


Notes: Elements related to monitoring, additional scope for the Seattle Bicycle Master Plan and identification of transit improvements will potentially require new funding in the future.†