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A resolution endorsing the work of the Cultural Overlay District Advisory Committee that developed recommendations to preserve and create affordable space for arts and culture in Seattle, and affirming the City Council’s commitment to address and act upon those recommendations



·         Summary of the Legislation:

This council generated legislation endorses the work of the Cultural Overlay District Advisory Committee and states the City Council’s intent to review and explore the committee’s recommendations.


·         Background:  

The City Council established the Cultural Overlay District Advisory Committee (CODAC) in 2008. CODAC was charged with identifying and recommending creative incentives and regulations that can help preserve and promote spaces and activities for art, culture, and entertainment throughout Seattle.


CODAC met regularly for over a year and was comprised of artists, arts organizations, land developers and property owners. CODAC was also staffed by members of Council Central Staff, the Department of Planning and Development, and the Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs. The CODAC final report, “Preserving & Creating Space for Arts & Culture in Seattle,” was presented to the City Council on June 1, 2009 and had six recommendations. This resolution accepts the final report and acknowledges and appreciates the recommendations.



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