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A RESOLUTION submitting a proposition to the qualified electors of the City, at an election to be held on November 7, 2006, to amend Section 3 of Article IV of the Charter of the City of Seattle to clarify the number from which a quorum of City Councilmembers is calculated; calling on the City Clerk to certify the proposed amendment to the Director of the Department of Records and Elections of King County and requesting and directing such Director to call a special election and submit the proposition to City voters; and providing for the publication of such proposed amendment.


        Summary of the Legislation:


This Resolution proposes putting a Charter amendment before the voters in November 2006 that would clarify the number from which a quorum of the City Council is calculated in three situations: under regular circumstances, when there is a vacancy on the Council, and when the Mayor declares an emergency.


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Currently, the Charter states in Article IV, Section 3, that "A majority of all members shall constitute a quorum". However, this phrase is ambiguous, and could be read to mean a majority of all nine council members, or a majority of those remaining on the Council. If it is read to mean a majority of all nine council members, it is possible that during an emergency there might not be sufficient Councilmembers (CMs) to establish a quorum and conduct business, including appointing interim CMs to fill vacancies.


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