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A RESOLUTION submitting a proposition to the qualified electors of the City, at an election to be held on November 7, 2006, to amend Section 6 of Article IV of the Charter of the City of Seattle to provide for an alternate meeting location for the City Council due to an emergency or disaster; calling on the City Clerk to certify the proposed amendment to the Director of the Department of Records and Elections of King County and requesting and directing such Director to call a special election and submit the proposition to City voters; and providing for the publication of such proposed amendment.


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This Resolution proposes putting a Charter amendment before the voters in November 2006 that addresses the ability of the City Council to meet in an alternative location if City Hall is not available due to an emergency or disaster.


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Currently, the Charter does not clearly allow regular Council meetings to be held at an alternative location. This proposed Charter amendment would add a reference to state laws that permit the Council to meet at an alternative location. The Open Public Meetings Act (RCW Ch. 42.30.070) allows the Council to dispense with normal location and notice requirements when necessary to take quick action to deal with certain emergencies. The "Continuity of Government" Act (RCW Ch. 42.14.075) also allows the Council to meet at an alternate location when it is impractical to meet at City Hall because of a natural disaster or attack.


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