Form revised March 16, 2004





Contact Person/Phone:

CBO Analyst/Phone:

Seattle Department of Transportation

Roxanne Thomas/386-9060

Stephen Barham/733-9084


Legislation Title:  

AN ORDINANCE relating to City streets, renaming the segment of Airport Way South between 4th Avenue South and South Charles Street from Airport Way South to Seattle Boulevard South.


Summary of the Legislation:  This legislation re-names a segment of Airport Way South to Seattle Boulevard South.


Background:  This legislation would re-name the portion of Airport Way South which is adjacent to the historic building that was formerly the Immigration and Naturalization building.  The only affected property owners in this case are South Downtown Partners, LLC and INS Holdings, LLC, who have requested the street name change.  Only two addresses will have to be changed as a result of this action.  Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) staff contacted numerous relevant public safety and utility agencies, including the Seattle Police Department, the Seattle Fire Department, Seattle City Light, Seattle Public Utilities, and the United States Postal Service, none of which expressed any concerns with the proposed change. 


City representatives also contacted officials from the freight, trucking, and industrial communities about the proposed name change to ensure that any issues related to wayfinding are addressed.  The requestors of this name change have agreed to pay the cost for manufacturing and installing the new signs.  SDOT will establish a reimbursable account for this effort.


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__x_    This legislation does not have any financial implications. (Stop here and delete the remainder of this document prior to saving and printing.)

            The costs to install signage for the street name change will be reimbursed by other parties and no new appropriation authority will be required.



Attachment A: Map entitledProposed Name Change to Seattle Boulevard South”

Proposed Name Change to Seattle Boulevard South