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Seattle Department of Transportation

Kathleen Anderson4-5017

Jennifer Devore 5-1328



Legislation Title:


AN ORDINANCE relating to City streets, changing the name of a segment of Aurora Avenue North to Troll Avenue North and superseding Ordinance 102981 to the extent inconsistent.



        Summary of the Legislation:


This legislation recognizes a neighborhood landmark by changing the street name to Troll Avenue North and improves way-finding for visitors and emergency services to homes located on this street.


        Background: (Include brief description of the purpose and context of legislation and include record of previous legislation and funding history, if applicable):


The Fremont neighborhood included the renaming of a section of Aurora Avenue North to Troll Avenue North in its neighborhood plan and began the process to do so this year by petitioning the Director of Transportation.Seattle Police and Fire department staff reviewed the proposal and agreed that, in addition to recognizing the landmark, changing the street name would improve way-finding.Aurora Avenue North is also the name used for SR-99 which is elevated above this location.Giving the lower street a different name should eliminate confusion related to finding street addresses there.


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There are costs associated with implementing this Ordinance (e.g., SDOT costs for signage, proponentsí cost for DPDís making formal changes of address in their records, etc.) but they have been already anticipated in the various departmentsí appropriations and revenues for 2005.