Seattle Municipal Code

How current is the Seattle Municipal Code?

The current online code incorporates ordinances passed through 12 August 2014 except for Ordinances 124105 and 124490 which is awaiting certification by King County. The most recent codified ordinance is Ordinance 124541.

The Seattle Municipal Code database is produced from data files produced by the commercial publisher of the code.

Note to users of the published, paper SMC: The Seattle City Clerk’s online version of the SMC is updated more frequently and reflects more recent legislation than the printed version.

Refer to the ordinance numbers at the bottom of each section to determine what legislation was last codified into that section. To locate legislation that may be in effect but not yet reflected in the SMC, use the link provided at the bottom of each page to search the Ordinance database for that section number.

The printed edition of the Seattle Municipal Code is available for purchase from its publisher:

Municipal Code Corporation.
P.O. Box 2235
Tallahassee, FL 32316

As of code supplement number 73 (December, 2003), LexisNexis subsidiary Matthew Bender & Co. is no longer the official publisher of the Seattle Municipal Code.

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