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Resolution Number: 31185

A RESOLUTION adopting the Seattle City Council 2010 Work Program.

Status: Adopted as Amended
Date adopted by Full Council: February 1, 2010
Vote: 9-0
Date of Mayor's signature:
(About the signature date)

Date introduced/referred to committee: January 19, 2010
Committee: Full Council
Sponsor: CONLIN
Committee Recommendation:
Date of Committee Recommendation:
Committee Vote:


Fiscal Note: Fiscal Note to Resolution 31185

Electronic Copy: PDF scan of Resolution No. 31185


A RESOLUTION adopting the Seattle City Council 2010 Work Program.

WHEREAS, each year, the Seattle City Council adopts a work program for the year to identify major projects in the various Committees of the City Council and to plan assignments of staff time; NOW, THEREFORE,


The Seattle City Council 2010 Work Program, which is attached to this Resolution as Attachment A, is hereby adopted. The 2010 Work Program may be updated throughout the year, and staff and committee resources are not limited to matters contained in the Work Program.

Adopted by the City Council the ____ day of _________, 2010, and signed by me in open session in authentication of its adoption this _____ day of __________, 2010.


President __________of the City Council

Filed by me this ____ day of _________, 2010.


City Clerk


Attachment A: Seattle City Council 2010 Work Program Ben Noble/BDN

2010 Work Program Resolution January 14, 2010 version #1




Budget Committee 1 Committee on the Built Environment (COBE) 2 Energy and Technology and Civil Rights Committee (ETC) 5 Finance and Budget 9 Housing, Human Services, Health and Culture Committee 12 Parks and Seattle Center Committee 15 Public Safety & Education Committee 17 Regional and Sustainable Development Committee 20 Seattle Public Utilities and Neighborhood Committee (SPUNC) 25 Transportation Committee 28 Alaskan Way Viaduct (AWV) and Seawall 31 Labor Special Committee 31 Law and Risk Management Special Committee 31 State Route 520 Special Committee 32 Waterfront Planning Special Committee 32

Budget Committee
Jean Godden, Chair
Issue Description
Budget Management 2011-2012 biennial budget management and oversight.
Budget Quality Assurance Review draft budget materials.
Budget Process Budget process, including schedule, instructions, training, templates, questions to City Budget Office, public hearing notices, agendas, compiling action sheets, summary of Council actions.
Budget Legislation Conduct initial review of budget legislation.
Revenues and Revenue Forecasting 2011-2012 biennial budget revenues and revenue forecasting.
Review Budget Issues 2010 budget review budget issues.
Position List Review proposed changes to adopted position list.
Budget Balancing 2011-2012 biennial budget balancing.

Committee On the Built Environment (COBE)
Sally Clark, Chair
Issue Description
Oversight of Boards, Commissions and Departments and Monitoring of Regional Planning Issues
Pike Place Market Monitor implementation of the Pike Place Market renovation levy approved by the voters in November 2008, including the PDA's compliance with Section 8.4 of the City-PDA Agreement about Communication and Information. Review annual progress reports submitted by the PDA to the Council as required by Ordinance 122737, and review any requests by the PDA for changes to levyfunded projects that require Council approval. Appoint and confirm nonvoting members of the PDA Council's Capital Renovation Committee as provided in the City-PDA Agreement (as needed). Review and take action on other Pike Place Market issues as needed.
Permit Review Times Review DPD quarterly reports on turnaround times for permit review.
Enforcement Complaint Response Times Review DPD quarterly reports on enforcement complaint response time.
Regional Growth Committees Growth Management Planning Council of King County and Puget Sound Regional Council Growth Management Policy Board.
Legislation Amending or Proposing New Regulations
Lowrise Multifamily Code Amendments Review revisions to the regulations for Lowrise multifamily zones, including administrative design review process and unit lot subdivision regulations.
Single Family Code amendments, Phase 2 Review legislation amending building bulk and platting patterns in SF zones, including platting in Environmentally Critical Areas.
Industrial Zoning, Phase 2 Review zoning map amendments and other proposed amendments that will flow from Council's industrial lands strategy, as outlined in Resolution 31026.
Pike / Pine Phase 2 Review legislation amending the Pike/Pine Overlay District to establish a transferable development rights program and revise neighborhood design guidelines.
Design Guidelines Review proposed revisions to City-wide design guidelines.
South Lake Union Zoning Monitor development of the urban form study and accompanying environmental impact statement intended to implement the South Lake Union Urban Center Plan. Implementing legislation expected in 2011.
South Downtown Zoning Review zoning changes intended to implement new subarea plan for South Downtown, including Zoning map and code amendments.
Northgate Neighborhood Design Guidelines Review Design Guidelines for Northgate.
Greenwood zoning review Review potential legislative rezone in the Greenwood Urban Village.
West Seattle Triangle Study Review legislative rezone in the West Seattle Junction Hub Urban Village.
Capitol Hill Transit Oriented Development Review options for encouraging transit oriented development near the Capitol Hill light rail station.
Shoreline Overlay Review legislation amending the Shoreline Overlay District.
Interim uses, including parking Review legislation allowed interim uses, such as parking, on vacant lots
Historic Property Incentives Convene an advisory group to recommend changes to provide additional incentives for designated landmarks.
Establish a Cultural Overlay District option in the Land Use Code Review legislation setting the requirements for establishing cultural overlay districts.
Official Land Use Map Readoption Review and adopt a proposed technical correction to the Official Land Use Map to clean up errors and readopt the official map.
Technical Code Amendments Review changes to six Technical Codes, including the Building and Energy Codes.
Quasi-judicial Code Fixes Review legislation amending the Land Use Code and potentially the Quasi-judicial rules to correct errors and make improvements identified through recent appeals.
Procedures for Council Land Use Actions Write and implement procedures for Type V and Type III land use decisions.
Ethics and Elections Code Review legislation making housekeeping amendments to the ethics and elections code as well as recommended substantive changes from the Ethics and Election Commission.
Misc. Legislation Omnibus Code Amendments; screening and landscaping standards for substations and transfer stations; DPD fee ordinance; application of incentive zoning to contract rezones; adaptive reuse of structures in Industrial zones.
Comprehensive Planning, Neighborhood Planning and Other Policies
Comprehensive Plan amendments Review proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, based on the policy docket adopted in 2009.
DPD Budget Track budget implementation and review any supplementary budget requests. Review and adopt legislation lifting a proviso on DPD's Budget.
Project Specific Action (Type IV and V Decisions)
Historic Preservation Review landmark status recommendations.
Subdivisions Review Full Subdivision Ordinances.
Type IV and Other QJ Actions Review contract rezone petitions, landmarks appeals and other quasi-judicial land use matters. Update the Quasi-judicial Notebook as needed and serve as a resource for ad hoc questions about quasijudicial process.
Modifications for City Facilities (Type V) Review applications by city departments for modifications and waivers to development standards for city facilities
Committee Coordination Coordinate the flow of legislation to the Committee and review agendas.
External Committees and Boards and Commissions Oversight Assignments
External Committees Council Participation Participate as a member of the following regional committees: King County Board of Health, Growth Management Planning Council of King County (GMPCKC) King County Regional Policy Committee, King County Regional Water Quality Committee (alt), Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) Executive Board (alt), PSRC Growth Management Policy Board (Alt), PSRC Operations Committee, Labor-Management Leadership Committee.
Boards and Commissions Oversight and/or Appointment Authority Monitor and make recommendations on appointments as needed for Ballard Avenue Landmark District Board, Construction Codes Advisory Board, Design Review Board, Ethics and Elections Commission, International District Special Review Board, Landmarks Preservation Board, Pike Place Market Historical Committee, Pioneer Square Preservation Board, City of Seattle Planning Commission, Seattle Chinatown-International District Preservation & Development Authority Council, Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority, Design Commission.

Energy, Technology, and Civil Rights Committee (ETCR)
Bruce Harrell, Chair
Issue Description
Civil Rights
Office for Civil Rights Updates Receive updates from Office for Civil Rights on issues including enforcement rules, Race and Social Justice Initiative, and others.
Customer Service
Customer Access and Service Issues Monitor DEA's efforts to coordinate improved customer service across all City departments. More specifically, evaluate the processes among the Customer Service Bureau, Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle City Light, and Department of Neighborhoods, and how service requests are made, tracked, and completed.
On-going Issues
Reports and Metrics Review regular reports to stay abreast of the financial health and operational performance of the utility.
Regional/National Issues Monitoring regional transmission issues and FERC decisions for impacts on the Northwest and on City Light. Monitor the Western Climate Initiative and similar initiatives at the national level and provide policy support and direction to the utility as needed.
Energy Rates
Review City Light Rates Review City Light rates for consistency with the utility's financial policies and strategic plan. Focus attention in the 2010 review on rate design with a view to enhancing the efficient use of electricity.
Planning & Oversight
Strategic Plan Review and assess the adequacy and appropriateness of City Light's proposed strategic plan. Develop a work program and legislation as needed to support the Council's direction.
City Light Task Force Draft legislation creating the task force. Support the task force in its review of City Light's strategic plan, financial policies, and rates. Work with the task force to establish and execute a process to educate rate payers about the nature and implications of the plan and to encourage feedback.
Capital Project Approval Guidelines Working with the utility, the Executive, and an external consultant, develop protocols for the utility to follow when requesting approval for large capital projects and explicit criteria for the data and analysis supporting such requests. Develop legislation to support the requirements as necessary.
Review of CIP Documentation Based on consultant findings, work with the Executive to improve the design and content of City Light's six-year CIP document submitted annually as part of the budget process.
City Light Financial Policies Initiate a review of the financial policies in light of the size of the utility's proposed capital program.
State Performance Audit Review the results of the state's performance audit, and where appropriate, develop a work program to address recommendations.
Integrated Resource Planning (IRP), Conservation and Renewables Review and provide policy guidance for the 2010 plan.
Other Issues
Update of Risk Management Policies Review revisions to the risk management policies that the utility will propose in 2010.
Utility Relocations Track utility relocation agreements throughout the city to ensure compliance the general City policies.
Boundary Dam Relicensing Monitor relicensing activities including studies being performed as part of the pre-application document. Review legislation authorizing license application in 2010.
Citywide Undergrounding Policy Work with City Light, the Department of Finance, and the Office of Policy and Management to develop criteria for the selection of projects where utilities will be undergrounded as part of the Citywide Undergrounding Initiative. (Subject to a proviso.)
Technology Issues
Public Engagement Portal Initiative Monitor the Department of Information Technology's (DoIT's) implementation of Public Engagement Portal Initiative.
Open Data Initiative Work with Dot and other City departments to develop a plan to migrate public City data to an open machine-readable format for public use; review proposed legislation to lift the budget proviso imposed on 2010 funding for this effort.
Apps for Seattle Work with Dot to develop an Apps for Seattle Contest to call upon local web developers and the general public to create innovative applications, websites, and tools using City machine-readable datasets; review proposed legislation to lift the budget proviso imposed on 2010 funding for this effort.
Broadband Initiative Monitor Executive progress on Broadband Initiative (for fiber to the neighborhood or home), including quarterly reports to the committee. Review and take action on proposed Broadband Request for Proposals and related budget or other proposed legislation as needed.
Low-Income Assistance for High-Speed Internet Access Review Dot response to 2010 Statement of Legislative Intent 92-1-A-1 requesting analysis of a possible new assistance program for low-income households to obtain high-speed Internet access.
Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) System Monitor DoIT's initial implementation in 2010 of Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system; consider possible future expansion to add functions to CRM system.
Technology Grants Review proposed legislation for grant awards.
Municipal Technology Strategic Review Work with Dot to evaluate and develop policies relative to new product implementation, software and product replacement, and interdepartmental coordination for new products and services that improves access to city information, government transparency, and enhancing the processes of providing basic services.
Strategic Policy for City Government Communications Evaluate and develop policies and protocols relative to the City's use of technology to disseminate public information with an emphasis on speed, reliability, and effectiveness.
Equal Access to Technology Initiative Review policy and measurements for City's efforts to ensure all residents have improved access to technology, and examine where technology access may be disproportionately denied.
E-mail Archiving System Monitor the implementation of new City-wide e-mail archiving system.
Cable Franchises Monitor cable franchises, with focus on customer service, and take action as needed. Review quarterly reports from the City's Chief Technology Officer, as requested by Resolution 31015, related to the customer service performance of Broadstripe (formerly Millennium Digital Media Systems). Monitor status of Broadstripe since it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January 2009.
Mobile Phone Applications to Access City Services Work with Dot to develop a plan to provide service for mobile phone applications that allow residents to report a City problem such as potholes, graffiti, streetlight outage, or abandoned vehicles.
Improve City Meetings by using Web Video Technology Work with Dot and other City departments to develop a plan to improve public access to boards and commission meetings and to support employee teleconferencing by using web video conferencing tools.
Track graffiti and trees by using mobile applications and web mapping tools Work with Dot and other City departments to develop a plan to engage the public in tracking and submitting information about graffiti and special trees by using mobile applications and online mapping tools.
Printing software to reduce paper usage Work with Dot and other City departments to evaluate installing software application that will further reduce paper usage.
Neighborhood Websites Work with Dot and the Department of Neighborhoods to develop a plan to help improve neighborhood council websites. Improving neighborhood council websites enhances public engagement and improves access to customer service.
Seattle Channel Work with Dot and Seattle Channel to monitor new online video captioning technology that automatically creates captions for uploaded videos. Seattle Channel videos can be uploaded to third-party website and improve accessibility to Seattle Channel videos.
Citywide Computer Inventory Review Dot response to Statement of Legislative Intent 89-1-A-1 requesting an inventory report of all City-owned or City-leased personal computers and laptop computers.
Dot Budget Track budget implementation and review any supplemental budget requests.
Citizens' Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Board (CTTAB) Make Council appointments to CTTAB, and approve Mayoral appointees to CTTAB; review reports and presentations.
Net Neutrality Monitor the status of Net Neutrality issues by the Federal Communications Commission.
Reconfirmation of Dot Director Review Mayor's proposed reappointment of Dot Director, and reconfirm as appropriate.
On-going Committee Business
Review Legislation Review miscellaneous legislation proposed by the City Light.
Committee Coordination Coordinate the Energy & Technology Committee work program and allocate time and resources to accomplish the work program.
Consulting Reserve Central Staff days for unanticipated projects.
External Committees and Boards and Commissions Oversight Assignments
External Committees Council Participation Participate as a member of the following regional committees: Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) Executive Board, PSRC Transportation Policy Board, Jail Capacity Task Force.
Boards and Commissions Oversight and/or Appointment Authority Monitor and make recommendations on appointments as needed for Council on African American Elders, Citizens Telecommunication and Technology Advisory Board, City Light Rates Advisory Committee, Seattle Human Rights Commission, Seattle Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Commission (LGBT), Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission, Seattle Women's Commission, Seattle Commission for people with Disabilities.

Finance and Budget
Jean Godden, Chair
Issue Description
Finance and Budget
Budget See Budget Committee.
Confirmation of Budget Office Director Review qualifications of individual nominated by the Mayor to be Budget Office director. Confirm the appointment if appropriate.
Financial Oversight Serve on the Debt Management Policy Advisory Committee, Retirement System Board of Administration (ex-officio Chair), Fire Pension Board, enterprise Seattle Board of Directors, Industrial Development Corporation Board of Directors.
Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) Budget and Citywide Revenue Updates Review and consider quarterly revenue updates and forecast information.
Quarterly Budget Amendment and Year-End Legislation Review budget-related legislation including supplemental, grant acceptance, carry-forward, capital abandonment, fund closure, exceptions and other ordinances.
Budget Document Improvements Work with the Department of Finance on improvements to citywide budget documents, to: a) create a more informative and understandable budget document; and b) facilitate other budget document improvements; as requested by 2010 BUGS 124-1-A-1.
Debt/Public Finance Review and approve anticipated LTGO (Limited Tax General Obligation) bond sales and issuance of miscellaneous debt. Attend and monitor monthly Debt Management Policy Advisory Committee (DMPAC) meetings.
Financial Policies for Periodic Equipment Purchases Review Department of Finance report on financing options and best practices regarding periodic replacement of city equipment, requested in 2010 SLI 86-1-A-1, due March 31, 2010.
Span of Control Reductions for 2011 Review responses to 2010 SLI 122-3-A-1, which requests that all city departments submit a report on cost savings possible through changes to management span of control or administrative efficiencies, due by June 30, 2010.
Business Improvement Area Formation / Modification Review and approve legislation and assessment authority for new and/or revised Business Improvement Areas (BIA), including the South Jackson Street, Lake City and Chinatown / International District neighborhoods.
Department of Executive Administration / Fleets and Facilities Department to be Consolidated in 2010
Department of Executive Administration / Fleets and Facilities Department Consolidation Review and approve legislation authorizing the merger and consolidation of the Dept. of Executive Administration, the Department of Finance and the Fleets and Facilities Dept., including changes to the Seattle Municipal Code and transfers of budget and position authority.
Budget Implementation Track budget implementation and review any supplementary budget requests.
Executive Administration
Taxicab Commission Monitor creation, startup and operations of Seattle-King County Taxicab Commission.
Seattle Animal Shelter Provide continuing oversight of Seattle Animal Shelter operations, programs and policies. Monitor policy developments at King County animal facilities.
Sweatshop-free City Uniform Policy Review Dept of Executive Administration response to 2010 SLI 119-1-A-2, including: a) implementation of new City uniform procurement / fair labor policies, and, b) proposal and schedule to incorporate new procurement policies in labor contract negotiations.
Fleets and Facilities
Surplus Property Review all parcels proposed for sale or transfer, except those covered in other City Council committees.
Asset Management Track Fleets and Facilities Department's implementation of its asset management program.
Office of the City Auditor
General Oversight Ongoing oversight of City Auditor function.
Public-Private Partnerships Follow-up on "Review of External Funding for Capital Projects" audit, concerning best practices for private investment in City facilities, fiscal risk mitigation and provision of public benefits. Evaluate related legislation.
Audit Committee Coordinate with City Auditor to review best practices regarding implementation, operations, functions, areas of responsibility and establishment of a City Audit Committee, with potential Committee formation in January 2011.
Personnel Department
Position List and Other Position-Related Issues Review and act on legislation to approve annual position list; monitor semiannual reports on position list, position vacancies, and sunset positions; review Executive's success in hiring new positions authorized in 2010 budget; review City-wide process for budgeting for positions (both funded and unfunded) and salaries; review salary expenditure tracking process and reports.
Succession Planning Review Personnel Department's initiative to develop Citywide succession plans to address City's aging work force.
Temporary Employees Continue to track City's use of temporary employees.
Apprenticeship Program Review and monitor Executive's use of new apprenticeship positions; review semi-annual report due to committee in June and December. Review development of new apprenticeship programs.
Personnel Legislation Review regular quarterly employment ordinances and other personnel legislation proposed by the Executive.
Human Resources Best Practices Coordinate with City Auditor and Personnel Department in developing response to 2010 SLI 117-1-A-1, concerning a review of centralized and decentralized human resources (HR) services and the identification of related best practices, due March 31, 2010.
Health Care Monitor Labor Management Health Care Committee.
Labor Legislation Review legislation authorizing collective bargaining agreements.
Labor Relations Forum Monitor labor relations informational briefings to departments' human resources staff.
Labor Management Leadership Committee Monitor on Council's behalf.
General Support and Citywide Issues
Other Committee Legislation Review legislation for Finance and Budget Committee.
Consulting Reserve Central Staff days for unanticipated Finance and Budget Committee issues.
Committee Coordinator Coordination of Finance and Budget Committee work program.
External Committees and Boards and Commissions Oversight Assignments
External Committees Council Participation Participate as a member of the following regional committees: Growth Management Planning Council of King County (GMPCKC) (Alt), King County Regional Policy Committee (Alt.), Enterprise Seattle, PSRC Growth Management Policy Board, Trade Development Alliance (Alt.), Association of Washington Cities (AWC) Board, City Employees' Retirement System, Board of Administration, Debt Management Policy Advisory Committee, Firefighters Pension Board, Labor-Management Leadership Committee.
Boards and Commissions Oversight and/or Appointment Authority Monitor and make recommendations on appointments as needed for Civil Service Commission, City of Seattle Industrial Development Corporation.

Housing, Human Services, Health and Culture Committee
Nick Licata, Chair
Issue Description
Film, Music & Video Monitor creative issues involving film, music and video.
Miscellaneous Arts Projects Request report from the Department of Planning and Development on implementation of live/work rule for arts uses. Review public benefit agreements with arts and cultural institutions and consider possible legislation in response. Monitor Puget Sound Regional Council Prosperity Partnership arts funding initiative and consider possible legislation in support. Monitor state bills related to City's legislative agenda priority for funding arts education.
Percent for Art Review City's Public Art program and related recommendations from the Seattle Arts Commission and Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs. Consider legislation to implement the recommendations.
Cultural Overlay District Support and facilitate legislation for the six CODAC recommendations contained in Council Resolution 31155 creating cultural districts, establishing a cultural districts manager staff position, producing arts and cultural space branding, providing technical assistance for neighborhoods, establishing outreach and awareness programs, and pursuing partnerships with institutions, organizations, foundations, government agencies and individuals. Related land use legislation will be in the Committee on the Built Environment.
Seattle Community Access Network (SCAN) Monitor SCAN's progress in meeting expectations for organizational and fundraising activities outlined in Resolution 30867, including reviewing annual written report submitted by the Department of Information Technology and SCAN describing activities and progress.
Nightlife Review Executive's approach to addressing nightlife issues. Implement items from Council's Nightlife Advisory Board.
Human Services
Confirmation of HSD Director Review qualifications of individual nominated by the Mayor to be HSD Director. Confirm the appointment if appropriate.
Food, Nutrition & Hunger Per SLI, review improvements in HSD's ability to forecast demand for hunger assistance programs.
Homelessness Monitor implementation of and reports from Safe Harbors, the City's homeless management information system. Participate in and monitor the progress of the 10-year plan to end homelessness. Review report by Human Services Department regarding the results of the July 2009 compensation survey including additional supplementary information collected. The report could include recommendations regarding changes to evaluation criteria, such as: outcomes, program or contract funding levels, etc. included in the RFP for shelter services that will take place mid-2010.
Outreach and Engagement Services Per Council SLI, review report by Human Services Department that assesses current outreach and engagement services to people who are homeless. This assessment will include whether outreach programs are meeting their goals and specific recommendations for how these services could be improved, including whether they should be expanded. This work will be done jointly with the Public Safety and Education Committee.
Human Services Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) Monitor implementation of SIP, including ongoing efforts to establish program outcomes. Monitor Requests for Proposals (RFPs). Per SLI, select performance measures and funding standards for pilot project on online reporting of HSD contracts. Review inventory of services and housing for people with disabilities, improve availability and access if warranted.
Human Services-related Legislation Review Human Services-related legislation as necessary.
Senior Services Review Area Plan on Aging for 2008-2011. Review implementation of enhanced Senior Center services in 2009 in light of previous reports on Senior Centers.
Consolidated Plan for Housing and Community Development Review and adopt Substantial Amendment to 2010 Consolidated Plan. Review and adopt 2011 Update to Consolidated Plan.
2009 Housing Levy and Levy Oversight Committee Review and adopt Administrative and Finance Plan for 2009 Housing Levy. Monitor on semi-annual basis, Housing Levy programs. Participate (via Central Staff) on the Housing Levy Oversight Committee.
Multifamily Tax Exemption (MFTE) Program Review and approve applications for MFTE program. Review and adopt modifications to MFTE program that expires in December 2010.
Affordable Housing General Issues Review policies and programs related to preservation and development of affordable housing, including financing and/or regulatory strategies to increase preservation of low-income housing. Examine potential programs for encouraging development of workforce housing (i.e. housing affordable to households earning 60 80% of median income). Review inventory of services and housing for people with disabilities, improve availability and access if warranted.
Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) Housing Projects Monitor development of redevelopment plan for Yesler Terrace.
Fort Lawton Reuse Plan Consider further action by City related to Fort Lawton based on approval of proposed Fort Lawton Redevelopment Plan by Federal Government.
Rental Housing Conditions Continued review of options concerning a rental housing licensing/inspection program.
Housing Legislation Review housing-related legislation brought before Committee.
Public Health
Monitor City-supported Public Health Programs and track national health care proposals Obtain updates and status reports on three key programs: 1) HIV prevention enhancement activities; 2) Health Care for the Homeless Network; and 3) Best Beginnings / Nurse Family Partnership program. Review any national-level proposals that emerge from the new administration.
City Enhanced Public Health Services Review HSD response to Council Statement of Legislative Intent requesting the department to develop a proposal for streamlining and modifying the City's contractual relationship with Public Health Seattle and King County. The plan should maintain an acceptable level of accountability of the City's public health investments while reducing overhead and administrative costs for the City of Seattle. SLI 39-2-A-1.
Health Care for All, Advisory Ballot Measure 1 Convene an expert panel to advise the City and private employers on improving insurance coverage for Seattle residents.
Biocontainment Laboratories Consider a resolution urging State action on biosafety laboratory controls.
General Support
Committee Coordinator Coordination of Housing, Human Services, Health and Culture work program.
Consulting Reserve Central Staff days for unanticipated H&ED Committee issues.
External Committees and Boards and Commissions Oversight Assignments
External Committees Council Participation Participate as a member of the following regional committees: King County Board of Health, Advisory Council on Aging and Disability Services, King county Regional Transit Committee (Alt).
Boards and Commissions Oversight and/or Appointment Authority Monitor and make recommendations on appointments as needed for Council on Seattle-King County Aging Advisory Council, King County Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Administrative Board, City of Seattle Arts Commission, Benaroya Hall Music Center Board, Board of Commissioners Housing Authority of the City of Seattle, Housing Levy Oversight Committee, Seattle Art Museum Board of Trustees, Seattle Indian Services Commission, Burke-Gilman Place Public Development Authority Board, Capitol Hill Housing Improvement Program Council, Museum Development Authority Council, Pacific Hospital Preservation and Development Authority, Marijuana Policy Review Panel.

Parks and Seattle Center Committee
Sally Bagshaw, Chair
Issue Description
Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR)
Parks for All Levy Implementation Review and act on legislation/appropriation requests for Parks for All Levy program and projects; monitor Parks Levy Oversight Committee meetings and review its recommendations; and monitor planning and implementation of Opportunity Fund.
Magnuson Park Monitor ongoing redevelopment activities at Magnuson Park and review related legislation, including land use legislation.
Municipal Golf Monitor financial performance of the golf program and implementation of the new capital improvement program.
Woodland Park Zoo Monitor agreement between Woodland Park Zoo Society and City.
Park User Fees Per Council SLI, review DPR's fee setting policies to promote greater transparency, equity, and cost recovery where appropriate.
Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) Agreement/Other Lake Union Park Agreements Review and act on any agreements regarding MOHAI's renovation of the Armory in Lake Union Park. Monitor MOHAI's activities under MOA.
Seattle Aquarium Review and monitor Aquarium transition to non-profit management (anticipated in July 2010), including implementation of employee transition plan, annual work plan and annual report.
Surveillance Cameras in Parks Monitor surveillance camera pilot program, review reauthorization options, and draft related legislation.
Review of Parks Initiatives Review Parks and Council staff-generated analyses on Parks programs, budget, contractor relationships and organizational structure, including: a)implementation of the Parks Strategic Action Plan, b) program-level implementation of 2010 Adopted Budget, c) community center staffing, d) Parks-Associated Recreational Council-Advisory Council relations, e) potential programmatic reductions in 2011-2012, f) Park Rangers SLI, g) the proposed Lake to Bay Trail connecting Lake Union Park through Seattle Center to the Olympic Sculpture Park, and other topics.
Current Use Taxation / Public Benefit Rating System Review and take action on applications (submitted to King County under its Public Benefit Rating System (PBRS)) for current use taxation for open space property in the City of Seattle.
Parks Department Budget and Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Review Implementation of Parks Budget and CIP quarterly reports
Miscellaneous Parks Legislation Review miscellaneous Parks and Recreation related legislation including lease agreements, concessions, grant applications, easements, property acquisitions, operating agreements, improvements, facility expansions, etc.
Seattle Center
Seattle Center Contracts and Legislation Review Seattle Center legislation and contracts as necessary.
Seattle Center Master Plan Implementation Monitor Century 21 work that may lead to a future ballot measure. Review proposed design guidelines for campus.
Memorial Stadium Agreement Review proposed Memorandum of Agreement between Seattle Schools and the City of Seattle regarding the redevelopment of Memorial Stadium and certain surrounding properties.
KeyArena Monitor developments associated with KeyArena, including capital funding initiatives and actions associated with potential acquisition of NBA team.
General Support
Consulting Reserve Central Staff days for unanticipated Parks and Seattle Center Committee issues.
Committee Coordinator Coordination of Parks and Seattle Center Committee work program.
External Committees and Boards and Commissions Oversight Assignments
External Committees Council Participation Participate as a member of the following regional committees: King County Regional Transit Committee, Trade Development Alliance, Fire Facilities Levy Oversight Committee.
Boards and Commissions Oversight and/or Appointment Authority Monitor and make recommendations on appointments as needed for Board of Park Commissioners, Seattle Center Advisory Commissions, Zoo Board, Parks Levy Oversight Committee.

Public Safety & Education Committee
Tim Burgess, Chair
Issue Description
Criminal Justice Contracted Services
Jail Capacity Planning Participate in the Jail Capacity Task Force. Monitor use of jails in King County, Yakima County and elsewhere. Review NEC Municipal Jail EIS. Approve 3-year extension of jail contract with King County. Review options for long-term contracts for jail space.
Educational & Developmental Services Levy Participate in the Families and Education Levy Oversight Committee. Monitor the Implementation and Evaluation Plans for the nine levy funded program areas and the Partnership Agreement between the City and School District. Review levy goals. Begin development of the 2011 Levy.
School District & City Cooperation Organize and convene joint meetings of Council and School Board. Explore potential cooperation between City and School District in maintaining and using District facilities, and in pursuing other joint ventures.
Fire Facilities & Emergency Preparedness Levy Program Participate in Fire Facilities Levy Oversight Committee. Monitor implementation of the Levy program, including station design and construction. Review financial and project updates. Consider legislation related to the levy. Review proposals for property acquisition.
Fire Code Update Review updates to the Fire Code, including legislation related to biosafety laboratories.
Interdepartmental Public Safety
Domestic Violence (DV) Prevention Participate in the Domestic Violence Prevention Council (DVPC). Review biennial report on DV in Seattle and monitor the implementation of Seattle's Criminal Justice Response to Domestic Violence, per the DVPC's 2010-2012 strategic plan. Review criminal history data on DV offenders, conduct research on national evidence based practices, and draft legislation or provide policy guidance to target high risk offenders.
Crime Prevention Programs Per SLI, review HSD report on shortand long-term steps to improve the effectiveness of the Co-STARS, CURB and GOTS crime prevention programs, and review HSD report on proposed performance goals, outcomes and metrics for these programs. Recommend whether to fund more rigorous evaluation of the programs in 2011.
Safer Streets Initiative Provide analytical support and draft legislation designed to realize reductions in street crime and disorder. Activity areas include reviewing impact of joint police and mental health professional response teams; drafting a proposal to expand the Metropolitan Improvement District; advising on the implementation of the chronic property nuisance ordinance; developing final legislation associated with aggressive solicitation; and assessing policy options in the area of graffiti and litter. Other closely associated activities (police foot patrols and a recovery program for prostituted children) are addressed in separate work program items.
Youth Violence Prevention Initiative Continue to review initiative progress. Per SLI, review plan for evaluation of initiative.
Residential Recovery Program for Prostituted Children Per SLI, review HSD report on program delivery service and performance.
Wage Theft Conduct analysis into the issue of withheld wages to day laborers and other workers in the city. Includes a determination as to whether a new city ordinance will alleviate this problem and discourage further offense.
Municipal Code Update Review proposed legislation updating the Municipal Code for consistency with state law.
Police Accountability Review reports and recommendations of the Office of Professional Accountability (OPA), OPA Auditor and OPA Review Board. Confirm appointment or reappointment of four members of OPA Review Board. Per Ordinance 122809, conduct a public hearing on police accountability and report on the results to the Executive and its labor negotiators.
Police Performance Per Resolution 30996, review annual Police Department performance measurement report. Monitor implementation of Neighborhood Policing Plan. Review monthly updates on neighborhood crime trends and SPD efforts to combat crime. Define requirements for improvements in crime trend reporting. Review options for deploying more foot patrols.
Police Staffing Review quarterly updates on sworn staffing levels and the recruitment and hiring of officers.
Confirmation of Chief of Police Consider Mayor's appointment for Chief of Police and make recommendation on confirmation to full Council.
General Support
Consulting Reserve Central Staff days for unanticipated Public Safety and Education Committee issues.
Committee Coordination Coordinate the PSE Committee work program.
External Committees and Boards and Commissions Oversight Assignments
External Committees Council Participation Participate as a member of the following regional committees: King County Regional Policy Committee, Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) Executive Board, PSRC Transportation Policy Board (Alt.), Regional Law Safety & Justice Committee, Seattle Convention and Visitors Bureau, Domestic Violence Prevention Council, Families and Education Levy Oversight Committee, Fire Facilities Levy Oversight Committee, Firefighters Pension Board, Jail Capacity Task Force, Police Pension Board, Sister Cities Coordinating Council (Alt.).
Boards and Commissions Oversight and/or Appointment Authority Monitor and make recommendations on appointments as needed for Families and Education Levy Oversight Committee, Fire Code Advisory Board, Public Safety Civil Service Commission, OPA Review Board.

Regional and Sustainable Development Committee
Richard Conlin, Chair
Issue Description
Economic Development
Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Float Loans and Section 108 Loans Review and approve proposed Section 108 loans and possible CDBG float loans.
Confirmation of OED Director Review qualifications of individual nominated by the Mayor to be OED Director. Confirm the appointment if appropriate.
Recovery Zone Bonds Review and approve legislation authorizing use of the RZB program(s) to fund economic development projects in designated areas in the City.
Economic Development Stimulus Funding & Programs Monitor development and approval of federal and or state economic development stimulus packages. Explore opportunities to secure funding from such packages. Review reports generated per American Recovery Act.
Buy Local Program Monitor Implementation of Council initiated "Buy Local" program.
Green Economy Jobs Monitor progress and develop strategies to increase the City's economic development activities to encourage green jobs and foster growth of the green economy.
Public Works Contracting Explore strategies to strengthen utilization of women and minority owned businesses in the City's public works projects and to effectively provide notice of public work contracting opportunities.
Economic Development Issues in Southeast Seattle Review Executive proposals related to economic development in Southeast Seattle, including recommendations from the Southeast Retail Study, and monitor on-going work of the Rainier Valley Community Development Fund. Review annual program performance of and long term financial planning for RVCDF.
Pioneer Square Revitalization Track progress of Pioneer Square Revitalization Committee and facilitate Council responses.
Duwamish Economic Development Issues Review Vision Duwamish Plan and develop legislation to implement environmental, community and economic actions.
Business Attraction and Retention Contracting Review Executive proposal for contracting out funding for business attraction and retention program, per Council SLI.
Coordinated Community Development Strategy Review the Executive's proposal for a coordinated community development function that carries out key goals related to community development in the City. The Executive should explain how the proposed organizational structure will engage community partners, provide neighborhood business district support, support developing, updating, and implementating neighborhood plans for urban centers and villages, leverage regulatory tools, and take advantage of available financing mechanisms and other economic development strategies.
New Markets Tax Credit Program and other Lending Programs Adopt program goals and procedures for New Markets Tax Credit Program. Review and approve, as appropriate, projects funded with program.
Economic Development for the Local Food Sector Review report submitted to Council by the Office of Economic Development (OED) that identifies potential actions that could be taken to support the Food and Beverage sector as a key part of Seattle';s economy. Review economic development opportunities analysis completed by Council consultants and identify next steps.
Tourism, Film & Music Monitor economic development issues involving the tourism, film and music industries.
Emergency Management
City-wide Emergency Preparedness and Mitigation Strategy Monitor implementation of city and regional Emergency Response and Disaster Mitigation plans.
Unreinforced Masonry Buildings Review policies and possible Building Code amendments addressing Unreinforced Masonry Buildings (URMs). Potential building code requirements could mandate seismic retrofits.
Resilient City Strategy Initiate and implement policies that maximize Seattle's social and economic recovery and minimize impacts of disasters.
Legislative Department Preparedness Plan Update and track implementation of the Legislative Department's emergency preparedness plan. Draft any further legislation or rule changes needed to implement the plan.
Disaster Preparedness Center Monitor progress of regional collaboration to develop disaster preparedness training center. Participate on oversight committee for project.
Community Based Emergency Management Identify strategies to increase community & neighborhood participation in Emergency Preparedness and build on the neighborhood emergency preparedness models developed.
Sustainability & Environmental Issues
Office of Sustainability and Environment (OSE) Monitor work plan progress.
Urban Forest Management Review ongoing urban forestry initiatives and assist in related Committee decisions. Review or develop tree-related legislation emerging from the Urban Forest Management Plan including interim tree protection regulations. Develop Council issues, priorities and initiatives. Monitor progress of newly created Urban Forest Commission.
Climate Protection & Adaptation Participate in developing the scope and track implementation of an OSE/SPU pilot project to test methods of incorporating climate protection early in project planning. Per Council SLI, review 2010-2011 work plan for identifying climate adaptation actions and priorities for the City. The Office of Sustainability and Environment will develop the work plan. Identify initiatives to focus on adaptation in City Departments.
Superfund Issues Continue to monitor efforts to assess and manage potential liabilities and clean-up activities at several sites in the City, including the Duwamish River. Monitor city negotiations with Puget Sound Energy and other potentially liable parties relating to responsibility for clean-up of Gas Work Parks including methods to be used for compliance with the state Model Toxics Control Act.
Salmon and Natural Waterbodies Track Restore Our Waters implementation; creek restoration efforts; and state, regional and City salmon recovery efforts.
Local Food Action Initiative Continue implementation of the Initiative, including Committee decisions on Regional Food Policy Council legislation and development of a Food Action Plan. Review land use code amendments to further foster urban agriculture.
Food System Interdepartmental Team Monitor development of a Food System Interdepartmental Team requested Council SLI. The purpose of the Food System Interdepartmental Team (IDT) will be to establish a strong interdepartmental focus among City departments on programs and policies affecting food system sustainability and security, identify ways to meet goals established in Resolution 31019, and to review and discuss implementation of a Seattle Food System Policy Plan. DON is requested to provide a briefing on the formation and structure of the IDT in Committee by March 30, 2010.
Interdepartmental Agreements on Using City Land for Urban Agriculture Monitor development and implementation of clear guidelines and procedures for developing interdepartmental agreements for using City land for urban agriculture. A Council SLI requested the Department of Neighborhoods to develop such guidelines and to report back to Council on the guidelines and procedures by July 31, 2010.
Incorporating Local Food Planning into Neighborhood Planning Monitor development of planning tools to help neighborhoods incorporate planning for local and healthy food into the neighborhood planning process. These tools should implement recommendations from the Seattle Food System Policy Plan, appropriately applicable work from the American Planning Association on local food planning, work currently underway at Seattle King County Public Health Department on neighborhood based health initiatives, as well as any additional applicable recommendations and resources. The Department of Neighborhoods (DON) in coordination with the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) were requested in a Council SLI to complete this work.
Transfer of Development Rights for Agricultural Lands Monitor Transfer of Development Rights agreement with King County and consider legislation.
Regional Issues Participate in review of regional issues.
Office of Intergovernmental Relations Participate in the development of City priorities for local, regional, tribal, state and federal governments to develop the partnerships needed to successfully advance common interests.
State and Federal Legislative Agenda Participate in the development of the City's State and Federal legislative agendas.
Potential Annexations Monitor state and regional discussions related to annexation of North Highline area. Continue reviewing options/costs and issues related to Seattle annexing the remaining unincorporated North Highline area and a possible annexation vote in fall 2010.
Sister Cities Program Review and monitor.
Seattle Public Library Monitor Seattle Public Library's overall budget (with emphasis on collections and operating hours). Review legislation as necessary.
Library Funding Options Per Council SLI, participate with the City Librarian, the Library Board, the Executive, and the City Attorney's office in review of potential new sources of ongoing revenue for the Seattle Public Library (SPL) and provide report regarding this work. The written report should include, but not be limited to: (1) information on revenue sources used to fund libraries in other jurisdictions, (2) the pros and cons of any potential new revenue sources, (3) the amount and stability of those revenue sources, and (4) any changes in state or municipal law that would be required.
Open Government
SEPA Public Notice Prepare and review legislation to require that notice be published when certain SEPA determinations are made by City departments.
Government access and transparency Follow-up work concerning 2009 committee actions on improving Council's open government policies.
General Support
Consulting Reserve Central Staff days for unanticipated issues related to Economic Development, Environment, Sustainability, Emergency Management or Governmental Relations
Committee Coordinator Coordination of Regional and Sustainable Development Committee work program.
External Committees and Boards and Commissions Oversight Assignments
External Committees Council Participation Participate as a member of the following regional committees: King County Board of Health, Growth Management Planning Council of King County (GMPCKC), GMPCKC Executive Committee (Alt), King County Regional Water Quality Committee, Economic Development District (EDD), Watershed Forums: WRIA 9: GreenDuwawish.
Boards and Commissions Oversight and/or Appointment Authority Monitor and make recommendations on appointments as needed for Libraries for All Oversight Committee, Seattle Public Library Board of Trustees.

Seattle Public Utilities and Neighborhoods Committee (SPUNC)
Michael O'Brien, Chair
Issue Description
Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) Water Fund
Water Work Plan Implementation Track major elements of the Water Fund work plan including reservoir covering progress and construction of fixed water supply pumps at Morse Lake.
Water Fund Other Issues As needed, address other Water Fund issues such as regional water management relations, easements, grant agreements, revenue stabilization subfund report review, Cedar River Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) implementation, and bond sales.
SPU Drainage/Wastewater Fund
Drainage and Wastewater Rates Review 2011-2013 drainage and wastewater rate proposal, evaluate policy options, and develop decision-making documents and legislation as needed.
Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) permit renewal Review legislation authorizing an update of the City's federal Clean Water Act CSO permit, including draft permit requirements expected in May and final permit requirements due in November.
Madison Valley Drainage/Wastewater Project Track implementation progress and evaluate status reports given when specified project milestones are reached.
Drainage and Wastewater Fund Other Issues As needed, address other Drainage and Wastewater Fund issues such as actual vs. budgeted expenditures, monitoring utility purchase of services related to transportation (viaduct, sidewalks) and other City functions, progress on important capital projects, grant acceptance, wastewater treatment rate ordinance, and land transactions.
SPU Solid Waste Fund
Solid Waste Rates Review 2011-2012 solid waste rate proposal, evaluate policy options, and develop decision-making documents and legislation as needed.
Solid Waste Collection Contract Options, Amendments, and Performance By the July 2010 deadline, evaluate and act on the contract option to shift 2011 garbage collection to every other week. Review contract amendments and performance reports as needed.
Transfer Station Rebuild Projects Track progress on the South and North transfer station rebuild projects, including coordination with the Committee on the Built Environment on potential rezone and street vacation legislation.
Zero Waste Implementation Review proposed actions to implement the City's Zero Waste Strategy, including legislation regarding the pending July 1 ban on non-compostable food service ware, self-haul trip reduction, evaluation of the Clear Alley Program, promoting product stewardship, a 4/30/2010 Statement of Legislative (SLI) response on zero-waste performance indicators, incentives for C&D recycling, and any additional proposed waste bans, taxes or advance disposal fees. Conduct policy analysis, prepare legislation (if needed), and track implementation of actions begun in previous years.
Solid Waste Fund Other Issues As needed, address other Solid Waste Fund issues such as bond sales, annual recycling tonnage reporting, and potential limits on construction debris in the City waste stream.
SPUwide, Regional and Other Issues
Quarterly Financial Tracking & Performance Metrics Review condition of Funds, quarterly financial reports and performance metrics.
Asset Management Monitor SPU's progress on implementing asset management initiative, including development of customer service levels, benchmarks, and work process redesign.
Audit Results and Responses Evaluate the results of the City Auditor's report on wastewater internal financial controls and rates, including the Auditor's evaluation of King County's compliance with the Robinswood Agreement on wastewater facility cost allocation. Review SPU's yearly report on implementation of 2009 state performance audit recommendations. As needed, develop Council issues, priorities and initiatives related to the audits.
Confirmation of new SPU director Review qualifications of individual nominated by the Mayor to be new director of SPU. Confirm the appointment if appropriate.
SPU-Wide Other Issues As needed, address other SPU-wide issues such as rate affordability, public opinion survey proposals, and grants/loans.
Confirmation/Reconfirmation of DON Director Review qualifications of individual nominated by the Mayor to be director of DON. Confirm the appointment if appropriate.
Neighborhood Plan (NP) Updates Review and approve Neighborhood Plan updates developed in 2009, including related Comprehensive Plan amendments and any proposed rezones and regulatory changes. Review and respond to Executive proposal on how to conduct 2010 NP updates process (Executive response required by 2010 SLI).
Roosevelt Neighborhood Plan Oversee development of implementing legislation for the Roosevelt Neighborhood Plan update.
District Council Audit Response Review Department of Neighborhood's (DON's) response to City Auditor's recommendations regarding District Councils.
Other Neighborhood Programs Monitor neighborhood programs related to P-Patches, the Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF), and the DON budget. Approve NMF grant awards. Monitor progress on P-Patch Master Plan.
General Support
Consulting Reserve Central Staff days for unanticipated issues related to SPU, neighborhoods, ethics or elections.
Committee Coordination Coordinate SPUNC work program.
External Committees and Boards and Commissions Oversight Assignments
External Committees Council Participation Participate as a member of the following regional committees: King County Board of Health (Alt), King County Regional Water Quality Committee, PSRC Growth Management Policy Board, Watershed Forums: WRIA 7: Tolt-Snohomish, WRIA 8: Cedar-L Washington.

Transportation Committee
Tom Rasmussen, Chair
Issue Description
Transportation Issues
Belltown/Queen Anne Waterfront Connections Thomas Street CIP Project Review and act on Executive response to budget proviso and SLI regarding project scope, design, and funding gap.
Bicycle Master Plan and Bicycle Safety Monitor implementation of Bicycle Master Plan. Track policies related to bicycle improvements and safety. Review SDOT's annual report regarding vehicle-bicycle collision data.
Bridging the Gap Monitor implementation of BTG including progress reports and milestones reached. Review and monitor implementation of BTG Major Projects (Spokane Street Viaduct, Mercer Corridor and King Street Station). Work with SDOT and METRO to implement Bus Rapid Transit through the use of BTG funds. Serve on Bridging the Gap Oversight Committee.
Benchmarks and Performance Measurements Review SDOT's internal performance measures and benchmarks for evaluating program effectiveness. Develop a set of measurements for monthly reporting to Council's Transportation Committee.
Confirmation of new SDOT Director Review qualifications of individual nominated by the Mayor to be new director of SDOT. Confirm the appointment if appropriate.
Construction Planning and Traffic Management Monitor and review SDOT plans for traffic management during project construction and methods for communicating detours and road closures with the public. Evaluate and review department procedures. Review construction traffic management plans for: Alaskan Way Viaduct, Mercer East, Spokane Street, SR 520 and other major projects.
First Hill Streetcar Consider alignment options for First Hill Streetcar and select route. Review other deliverables called for in MOA between City and Sound Transit.
King Street Station Monitor progress on project implementation as well as other nearby transportation capital improvements in the vicinity of King Street Station.
Linden Avenue North Review response from SDOT on Council's SLI requesting additional detail regarding the proposed scope, time line and cost estimates for the Linden Avenue North Complete Streets Project. Monitor progress of design and environmental review of the project in 2010.
Mercer Corridor Monitor SDOT's progress implementing Mercer East Corridor project. Review finance plan update and potential legislation regarding budget provisos in 2010.
Mercer Corridor West Phase Monitor SDOT's progress implementing the Mercer West Corridor project. Monitor project in conjunction with Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project. Review financing plan, design and environmental documentation in 2010.
Metro Transit Integrate City transportation efforts with Metro Transit planning efforts and associated service hour allocation policies. Serve on King County Regional Transit Committee and monitor work of the King County Transit Task Force. Monitor Metro Transit's implementation of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Metro responses to King County Auditor including the future of the electric trolley system.
Pedestrian Safety Education, Enforcement and Awareness Campaign Monitor implementation of a pedestrian safety education, enforcement and awareness campaign in 2009 in downtown area.
Funding From Photo Speed Enforcement Vans in School Zones Review Executive's policy proposals regarding use of Mobile Speed Van revenues and potential legislation.
Quarterly and Annual Reports on Implementation of Pedestrian Master Plan Review annual work program that defines the projects, programs, and policy work to be undertaken in the upcoming year by SDOT to implement the Pedestrian Master Plan. Review quarterly and annual reports submitted by SDOT describing the implementation of the annual work program. Review annual SDOT's annual report regarding vehicle-pedestrian collision data and provide guidance on policy/programs related to pedestrian safety.
Intra-City Transit System Expansion Explore various options to expand transit in the city. Examine different modes, review potential revenue sources, and develop possible alternatives for Council consideration. Review Executive proposals for transit expansion.
Scooter and Motorcycle Parking Consider legislation to allow free on-street parking in the city for scooters and motorcycles. Evaluate impacts and approaches to implementation.
SDOT's 2010 Work Program, Budget and CIP Review Review and monitor implementation of 2010 SDOT work program, budget and CIP through quarterly reports. Develop SDOT budget overview presentation prior to 2011-2012 Budget review process.
Sound Transit Monitor Sound Transit (ST) activities, and take action as appropriate.
South Lake Union (SLU) Streetcar Per Ordinances 123164 & 123102, review SDOT's proposals to address the streetcar's outstanding capital and operating debt.
Spokane Street Viaduct Monitor SDOT's progress constructing Spokane Street Viaduct project.
Street End Disposition Review legislation to authorize private use of specific street ends in industrial areas of the City.
Street Food Vending Review Executive proposals to amend various regulations to encourage mobile food vending.
Street Use Permits Review Executive proposals to: (1) modify requirements associated with issuance of certain types of street use permits; and (2) revise street use fees and clarify process for penalizing those permit conditions. Assess need for enhanced enforcement of street use regulations associated with new development, including the proper construction of sidewalks and curbs in response to 2008 City Auditors report.
Street Vacations (including policy changes), Alleys, Skybridges, and Other Regular Transportation Committee Business Review and make recommendations on street vacations, skybridge permits, renewals, railroad franchises, street reclassifications, and requests for street closures.
General Support
Review Legislation Review Legislation for the Transportation Committee.
Consulting Reserve Central Staff days for unanticipated Transportation Committee issues.
Committee Coordinator Coordinate Transportation Committee work program.
External Committees and Boards and Commissions Oversight Assignments
External Committees Council Participation Participate as a member of the following regional committees: King County Regional Transit Committee, Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) Executive Board, PSRC Transportation Policy Board, Trade Development Alliance, Association of Washington Cities (AWC) Board, Bridging the Gap Levy Oversight Committee, Labor-Management Leadership Committee.
Boards and Commissions Oversight and/or Appointment Authority Monitor and make recommendations on appointments as needed for City of Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board, Pedestrian Advisory Board, Freight Mobility Board.

Alaskan Way Viaduct (AWV) and Seawall Special Committee
Tom Rasmussen, Chair
Issue Description
Alaskan Way Viaduct (AWV) and Seawall Replacement Program Analyze, review, and/or act on Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall Replacement Program proposals and legislation including steps to implement the Bored Tunnel Alternative, the Moving Forward projects, and the seawall replacement; agreements between the City and WSDOT; and all mitigation plans and efforts. Review State's analysis of tolling options and provide policy guidance reflecting City's interests. Review executive proposals for implementing new Transportation Benefit District and increased Commercial Parking Tax to support City projects. Review executive's preliminary analysis of potential Local Improvement District to support City projects.
Labor Special Committee
Jean Godden, Chair
Issue Description
Labor Contract Negotiations Deliberate and make recommendations on legislative matters relating to planning or adopting strategies and positions to be taken during the course of collective bargaining, professional negotiations, and grievance or mediation proceedings, and to reviewing proposals made in the negotiations or proceedings. Per RCW 42.30.140(4)(b) collective bargaining strategy sessions are an exception to the open meetings act and these meetings will not be open to the public.
Law and Risk Management Special Committee
Bruce Harrell, Chair
Issue Description
Law and Risk Management Provide policy oversight, deliberate and make recommendations intended to improve how the City manages the legal risk and liability the City faces as a result of providing basic services.
State Route 520 Special Committee
Tom Rasmussen, Chair
Issue Description
State Route 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Project Work with the Governor and State Legislature, SDOT, WSDOT and community stakeholders on the continued development of plans for the SR520 Bridge Replacement and High Occupancy Vehicle Project. Review project Supplemental DEIS, monitor development of financing plan options, tolling policies and transit investments along the corridor, develop and analyze issues related to local mitigation for project impacts and assess feasibility and consistency of design options A+, M and other options as they emerge, with Council adopted policy statements regarding design preferences and requested mitigation measures as WSDOT planning progresses in 2010.
Waterfront Planning Special Committee
Sally Bagshaw and Sally Clark, CoChairs
Issue Description
Waterfront Planning Review, monitor and act on plans, strategies and partnerships for the management, use and programming of new public spaces on the Central Waterfront. The Committee will also review and act on development or redevelopment of Parks Department's waterfront properties on the Central Waterfront, including the Central Waterfront Master Plan for Piers 57-63 (Alaskan Way Landing).