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Seattle City Council Resolutions

Information modified on April 13, 2023; retrieved on May 26, 2024 8:52 AM

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Resolution 31925


A RESOLUTION affirming The City of Seattle’s support for its local Iranian-American and Iranian-immigrant communities, recognizing the importance of people-to-people diplomacy at the local level, calling for a de-escalation in the conflict and damaging rhetoric between the U.S. and Iran and an end to the attacks on the democratic rights of people with Iranian heritage in Washington State and requesting the Office of Intergovernmental Relations communicate these positions to the Washington State congressional delegation.

Description and Background

Current Status:Adopted
Fiscal Note:Fiscal Note to Resolution 31925

Legislative History

Sponsor:Kshama Sawant
Date Introduced:January 13, 2020
Committee Referral:City Council
City Council Action Date:January 21, 2020
City Council Action:Adopted
City Council Vote:7-0 (Excused: Gonzalez, Mosqueda)
Date Filed with Clerk:January 21, 2020
Signed Copy:PDF scan of Resolution No. 31925