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Seattle City Council Resolutions

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Resolution 31855


A RESOLUTION recognizing the service and dedication of the Seattle Police Department’s police officers, detectives, and sergeants; and requesting the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington conduct a judicial review of the Collective Bargaining Agreement reached between The City of Seattle and the Seattle Police Officers’ Guild.

Description and Background

Current Status:Adopted
Fiscal Note:Fiscal Note to Resolution 31855

Legislative History

Sponsor:M. Lorena Gonzalez
Date Introduced:November 13, 2018
Committee Referral:City Council
City Council Action Date:November 13, 2018
City Council Action:Adopted
City Council Vote:8-1 (Opposed: Sawant)
Date Filed with Clerk:November 13, 2018
Signed Copy:PDF scan of Resolution No. 31855



Att 1 - CPC Identified Issues

Att 2 - OPA Letter to Councilmember Gonzalez

Att 3 - OIG Response Memorandum to Councilmember Gonzalez