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Seattle City Council Bills and Ordinances

Information modified on November 7, 2000; retrieved on September 26, 2021 5:48 PM

Ordinance 74573

Introduced as Council Bill 65843


An ordinance relating to the salary rates of certain members of the Police and Fire Departments as fixed by the Initiative Ordinance of 1942; increasing such rates $30.00 per month as of January 1, 1946 subject to the referendum at the general municipal election of March 12, 1946; requiring the City Comptroller and ex-officio City Clerk to certify to the Election Board of King County as required by law, said refered proposition in the form of a specified ballot title and declaring an emergency.

Description and Background

Current Status:Passed
References:Related: CF 172166, Ord 74359

Legislative History

Date Introduced:December 31, 1945
Committee Referral:Committee of Whole
City Council Action Date:January 7, 1946
City Council Action:Passed
Date Delivered to Mayor:January 8, 1946
Date Signed by Mayor:
(About the signature date)
January 9, 1946
Date Filed with Clerk:January 9, 1946
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