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Seattle City Council Bills and Ordinances

Information modified on July 12, 2021; retrieved on July 23, 2024 5:11 PM

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Ordinance 126308

Introduced as Council Bill 120029


AN ORDINANCE amending Ordinance 126237, which adopted the 2021 Budget; changing appropriations to various departments and budget control levels, and from various funds in the Budget; and adding provisos; all by a 3/4 vote of the City Council.

Description and Background

Current Status:Passed
Fiscal Note:Fiscal Note to Council Bill No. 120029
References:See the complete Legislative History

Legislative History

Sponsor:M. Lorena Gonzalez, Teresa Mosqueda
Date Introduced:April 5, 2021
Committee Referral:Finance and Housing
Committee Action Date:April 6, 2021
Committee Recommendation:Pass
Committee Vote:4 (Mosqueda, Herbold, Gonzalez, Lewis) - 0
City Council Action Date:April 12, 2021
City Council Action:Passed
City Council Vote:8-0 (Excused: Strauss)
Date Delivered to Mayor:April 15, 2021
Date Signed by Mayor:
(About the signature date)
April 16, 2021
Date Filed with Clerk:April 16, 2021
Signed Copy:PDF scan of Ordinance No. 126308