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Seattle City Council Bills and Ordinances

Information modified on May 13, 2016; retrieved on September 26, 2021 6:15 PM

Ordinance 124441

Introduced as Council Bill 118036


AN ORDINANCE relating to companies and drivers of a new type of for-hire vehicle in order to create a pilot program for transportation network companies and affiliated drivers and vehicles: establishing minimum operating requirements for transportation network companies and affiliated drivers; imposing vehicle inspections; imposing a zero tolerance drug use policy for affiliated drivers; imposing minimum insurance requirements for transportation network companies and affiliated vehicles; requiring rate transparency for transportation network companies; and establishing licensing fees; raising the maximum number of taxicab licenses issued by the City; revising terminology; adding new sections and amending various Sections of Chapter 6.310 of the Seattle Municipal Code.

Description and Background

Current Status:Passed
Fiscal Note:Fiscal Note to Council Bill No. 118036
References:Repealed by Ordinance 124524 ; Ordinance 124526

Legislative History

Date Introduced:February 24, 2014
Committee Referral:Taxi, For-Hire, and Limousine Regulations
Committee Action Date:February 27, 2014
Committee Recommendation:Pass as Amended
Committee Vote:5(Clark, Bagshaw, Burgess, Godden, Rasmussen)-0-4 (abstain: Harrell, Licata, O'Brien, Sawant)
City Council Action Date:March 17, 2014
City Council Action:Passed
City Council Vote:9-0
Date Delivered to Mayor:March 18, 2014
Date Signed by Mayor:
(About the signature date)
March 19, 2014
Date Filed with Clerk:March 19, 2014
Signed Copy:PDF scan of Ordinance No. 124441