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Seattle City Council Bills and Ordinances

Information modified on August 23, 1999; retrieved on September 26, 2021 7:12 PM

Ordinance 100541

Introduced as Council Bill 92199


AN ORDINANCE referring to the voters at a special municipal election to be held in Seattle on February 8, 1972 a referendum proposition to terminate the R. H. Thomson (Empire) Expressway Project contemplated by Ordinance 88825 approved by the voters on March 8, 1960; to reimburse the State of Washington for expenses incurred by it and the United States Government in connection with such project, to demolish or restore and dispose of properties previously acquired in connection therewith; to terminate certain other projects contemplated by Ordinance 88825; to abandon authorization to issue $11,128,000 of unissued bonds authorized by Ordinance 88825, and calling for an election and providing for the certification of such referendum proposition and prescribing the ballot title.

Description and Background

Current Status:Passed
References:Related: ord 88825

Legislative History

Date Introduced:December 17, 1971
Committee Referral:Committee of Whole
City Council Action Date:December 20, 1971
City Council Action:Passed
Date Delivered to Mayor:December 20, 1971
Date Signed by Mayor:
(About the signature date)
December 21, 1971
Date Filed with Clerk:December 21, 1971
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