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Seattle Comptroller/Clerk Files Index

Information modified on June 28, 2011; retrieved on July 23, 2024 3:48 PM

Clerk File 311195


Initiative Measure No. 102, to establish protections for Seattle tax payers from cost overruns on all state transportation projects within Seattle, to establish policies to provide cost transparency and accountability, and to prohibit city officials from entering into interlocal agreements that do not meet the standards established through said protections.

Description and Background

Current Status:Filed
Notes:This citizen initiative was initially filed as CF 311183 on December 9, 2010. A corrected version was submitted on December 10, and a second corrected version was filed on December 20. The electronic text in this record is the December 20 version of the initative. The PDF linked above contains the December 10 and December 20 versions; correspondence and other relevant materials will be added to the file and to the scanned record linked above as they become available.
References:Related: CF 311183

Legislative History

Date Filed with Clerk:December 20, 2010
PDF Copy:Clerk File 311195